Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natural Hair Care Tips Remedies For Healthy Hair

Natural Hair Care Tips & Remedies

People often fears to use market cosmetic products for hair. Harmful chemical available in these products may harm your hairs. There are few Natural Hair care tips at home. You can keep your hair healthy, long, shiny and can also get rid with common hair problems easily without and bad side effect on your hair.

Hair Loss by Dandruff is also a main reason for hair fall so if you are suffering from dandruff then, you needs to cure it first. There are many home remedies for dandruff problem. For removing dandruff what you have to do is make a mixture of vinegar and water and apply it on all over the hair at night. Now in the morning just wash your hair with the vinegar water again. It will give you a good result. Simple home remedy for dandruff cure is to give a massage of olive oil and almond oil. There are many other home remedies for dandruff cure.

• Hair Loss by stress & tension: don’t take too much of stress and tension which is also a big reason for hair loss. Always try to be happy and tension free.

• Don’t make use of used comb as it may cause infection and you may face the problem of hair loss.

Hair Beauty: If your hair needs shining then you need not to worry. You need not do anything especial but a little effort of preparing a paste of honey and banana. Apply this mixture for at least 30 to 40 minutes and then wash off your hairs.

• Juice of Green coriander leaves is also good for hair. Give a good massage to the hair of this oil.

• It you want to give rich gloss to your hair and conditioned them then you need to these two ingredients, eight strawberries and mix one tsp of mayonnaise. Mess both these two ingredients and apply this paste on the whole head and massage into washed, damp hair. After that cover your hair with a shower cap and then with a warm towel. Leave it for a few time and then wash if off with any shampoo or conditioner combination.

• Drinks plenty of water daily as much as you can, the only formula to get rid of several common physical problems.

• For Strong Hair:-To keep your hairs stronger and healthy always use Vitamin E and Vitamin D in your diet.

• To make your hair stronger always eat fresh vegetables especially cabbage and cauliflower.
• If you want to grow hair fast naturally, trim your hairs after every two or one month.
• There are also yoga exercise which reduces hair fall problem like Vajrasana. You can also do vajrasana in order to solve the problem of hair loss.

• For Dry hair problem:- In case of dry hair problem avoid using too much of shampoo and hair colors.
• Too much use of hair dryers also causes the problem of dry hair.
• Too much Exposure of hair in the sunlight cause this problem of dry hair

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