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Home Remedies for Gastric Problem Pain

Home Remedies for Gastric Problem

Today many people are suffering from gastric problem and it has become very normal. Most of the time it gives you pain in stomach. One can easily understand if he is suffering from this disease. There are many remedies for gastric problem and gas pain.

Below is the list of eatable that causes gastric problems.

Beans: Beans create a gastric problem
Intake of oily products also creates such problem.
Dairy product like milk, ice creams etc also result in gastric problem.
Sometimes when you don’t take meals, in few cases it also result in gastric problem.
This problem occurs when to intake any contaminated food or drink.
Eating food without proper routine or time
Intake of stale foods also create is gastric problem.
If you are not doing any kind of physical activity or exercises
Eating food which is difficult to digest creates gastric problem.

Effective home Remedies for gastric problem

Garlic soup: It is one of the best and cheap home remedy for gastric problem. It helps you two ways by eliminating your gastric problem and increases your digestion power. Here is the recipe for garlic soup for gastric problem.

Ingredients: garlic, black pepper, coriander seeds and little cumin

Grind all the above ingredients and mix water in it and boil it. Now the garlic soup is ready.

Warm water and lemon: In the morning lemon with a glass of warm water helps in gastric problem.

Lime Juice, ginger and warm water: Mix lime juice, ginger in a cup of warm water. This mixture also helps in gastric problem.

So there are some easy and most effective home remedies for gastric problem. Ingredients are easy to available at your nearest shop.

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I am suffering from gastric problem for the last 2 years. Is there any best home remedy for gastric problem. I have taken so many medicines but the problem still continue. Please tell me the best solution to get rid of gastric problem.