Thursday, April 9, 2009

yoga for women - asanas for women

Yoga For Women

If you are among those women, who are too busy and engages with their family and job, then you need more energy and vitality. Yoga classes are very famous nowadays but mostly women can’t find time for these yoga classes. Don’t worry you can also practice yoga at your home without any need of any instructor but you need to very careful for that. You need to give proper attention on yoga exercises to get max out of it. There are many benefits of yoga so each of you must practice to get energy and to get relax. Some times you feel upset, tired and frustrated. There are many exercises, asanas and yoga for women.

One of the simplest yoga for women is breathing. For this you need to learn first how breathing can help you and what is the right way to breath?
As Swami Baba Ramdev yoga has become too popular in the whole world. Anulom Vilom yoga is one of his best yoga exercises, which is a breathing exercise.

Here is one of the best breathing yoga for women.

Take a mat and sit on the floor. Keep your spine straight and your feet resting on the ground. Take a deep breath and breathe out it slowly. Keep your eyes close in this posture. Now again breathe slowly and breathe out it more slowly as compare to breath in. Repeat this step for some times and now opens your eyes. This is a very good yoga for women to make you calm and relaxed.

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