Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cycling to Reduce Weight and Body Fitness

Cycling to reduce weight and keep your body fit

Cycle is a means of transport for the people. You often use cycle for short drives and distances like school, nearby market etc. But do you know Cycling is one of the best ways to reduce your weight. Cycling has been proved more effective than any other way to lower down your body weight to a great extent. It also helps you to keep your body fit as it is one of the best exercises too. In many developed countries it has been accepted on a mass basis to reduce weight and fat. We all should use cycles for short distances if possible. It requires whole body efforts to move, so it is also a best exercise for all of us. Every age group of people should try cycling as it not only keeps you away from many health problems but also is very helpful in cardiovascular, arthritis, and joints related problems.

If you do exercises on regular basis then you can avoid it but for those who don’t do exercises and any kind of physical activity, should definitely try cycling. Physical inactivity cause several health related problems. Cycling moves you entire body and keeps you fit.

For those who want to lose weight and fat, cycling is very good. It is one of the best calorie burning exercises. It doesn’t require you to take especial coaching. Simple regular cycling can lose your weight to a great extent. You would also have notice cycle equipment in the Gyms and fitness center. You are normally asked to give your initial few minutes before going for heavy exercises, the reason is simple, it makes your body active and maintains proper blood circulation in the body.

So overall you can keep yourself fit and fine with cycling at no cost. If you don’t have time you can normally ride after office hours in the nights and if you have time then morning is the best time for it.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

5 Best Tips to Lose Fat and Weight

5 Best Tips to Lose Fat and Weight

It has become a big problem for both girls and boys how to reduce fat and weight. People use various weight management plans to lose weight and fat. In case of girls they always go for dieting which results in health problem and weakness. If you will not take proper intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins you will definitely face heath problem.

5 Best and easy tips to control your weight and lose access fat

Yoga and Exercising: Yoga and exercises are very effective if you want to lose weight and access fat. There is various yoga and physical exercises that you can do on regular basis to reduce weight. Swami Ramdev baba yoga are very important, you would also have seen the various yoga poses by Swami Baba Ramdev which help in reducing weight and access body fat.

Drink Water: drinking water not only helps you to reduce weight but also keep you free from other physical disease. Drink enough water as much as you can every day to keep the toxin out of your body.

Running: Running is very powerful in controlling your weight and body fat. There is no requirement of any guidelines, practice for this simple but powerful way of reducing weight. Go for morning walk and also run on regular basis.

Healthy Diet: mostly people use dieting, but you should take a healthy diet which should have proteins and vitamins in proper quantity. Eat salad, green vegetable most to make your digesting system better.

Avoid too much of oily and fat food: you should avoid too much intake of oily food, fatty food like butter, milk, meat etc. Avoid too much intake of non-veg food too.

Keep all these simple but useful tips in mind to keep your body slim, fit and fine.

Best tips to lose body fat, weight

Friday, December 3, 2010

Diet for weight loss- Food for Weight Control Management

Food for weight management- Food for weight control

We all want weight management and also do yoga, exercises, pranayam and meditation etc. There are various Swami Ramdev Yoga which helps us in weight management and weight control. Apart from yoga and exercises we should also concentrate on our diet. Diet is a very important factor that we can’t ignore in weight management weight loss. We need to prepare a healthy diet plan and should also need to strict with that. Losing weight is not an easy task but we can make it fast with yoga, exercises and a healthy diet plan. Below is the list food which should be included in a healthy diet plan for weight management and weight control.

Food that helps in Fat Burning

Apples: We all know that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. By including an apple a day you can not only keep the doctor away but also you can decrease your fat and weight. As per the study it has been observed that apples help in fat loss. Take the apple in the morning or before your meal.
Garlic: Garlic is another good food which helps in weight management. Garlic has anti bacterial effects and which is very helpful in reducing cholesterol level.

Carrots: Carrot is also very helpful in reducing your weight quickly so always take carrot in your diet.

Vitamin C: Vitamin c helps in fat burning so always take food which contains vitamin c like Oranges, Lemon and Guava.

There are more food like Spinach which is a good source of iron, Tomatoes, grapes, green beans, papaya, watermelon etc. there is a long list of food which helps in weight loss and weight management.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ramdev Yoga for Pregnant Women- Yoga for Pregnancy

Ramdev Yoga for Pregnant Women

In our day to day life there are so many health problems and general physical ailments. We often use yoga and physical exercises to live healthy and fit always. You can also practice some especial kind of yoga in case of pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings fear and joy both for you. So you need to first avoid fear which naturally arises when you are pregnant. Yoga helps you in decreasing delivery time pain. So you will get mainly two benefits one it will make you free from the fear and second yoga will help in decreasing pain. So, what are best yoga exercises that should be practiced during pregnancy time?

Yoga for Pregnancy

Meditation: who don’t know the benefits of meditation and yes meditation also help you in making you free from fear and increase your positivity for future? Meditation generates strength and courage that you need at the time of delivery. Meditation is very helpful in removing your stress and other natural concerns that naturally arise in your mind during pregnancy days.

Help in Natural Child deliver: Modern women are not able to give natural child birth so doctors choose operation as the best alternative option in most of the cases. Practicing yoga increase the chances of natural baby delivery. Yoga makes your body prepare for the natural child delivery as it makes your body more flexible and internally strong.

Fitness and Beauty: Every woman wants to have the same figure and beauty after the delivery. Yoga help you in maintaining the same feature and beauty what you had before the delivery. So you should start practicing yoga after 6-7 weeks of delivery.

Weight Management: Yoga is the best way to maintain your weight. Yoga helps you to decrease and control weight.

Benefits for Child: It provides extra oxygen in the womb so that your baby could get adequate oxygen.

So we can say that you can drive magical benefits by doing Yoga and exercises during pregnancy.

Baba Swami Ramdev has also given their tips and yoga asan for pregnancy.

Swami Baba Ramdev Yoga for Pregnant Women Part 1

Swami Baba Ramdev Yoga for Pregnant Women Part 2

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Health tips for pregnant women

Health tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy is very critical time for any women and they always think to find out tips to health and fitness and also get tense many times. There are many problems and issues that a women face during the pregnancy. For example they try to find out ways for health, how to increase their blood level, how to sleep, what the general precautions, what are the various sitting and sleeping positions that one should avoid in pregnancy, what to eat and what to avoid etc. So there are lots of questions that may arise in your mind if you are pregnant. There are some general health tips for pregnant women.

Health Tips for Pregnant women

Sleep and Rest: One should take enough rest and sleep in case of pregnancy. This is the time when you should take care of yourself. You should take as much as sleep and rest as you can.
Drinking habits: Always try to drink and take your liquids during day times and try to avoid too much of liquids at nights as this may results in frequent nighttime bathroom visit.
If you are pregnant then you should sleep on your left side as much as possible. You should also use pillows under your belly or you can also use in your knees. This will provide you some extra comfort.

  • Try to avoid junk, fried and spicy foods in such conditions.
  • Don’t take full meal at once instead try to eat in small amount throughout the day.
  • Don’t take hard drinks like sodas and other carbonated drinks.
  • You should avoid nightmares and fear by sharing it with your partners and don’t try to eat too much of food at bad times.
  • Get your routine checkups by the doctor.
  • Try to concentrate on good and healthy food like apples, orange, juice, pomegranate, pine apples and eat most of juicy fruits.
  • Don’t lift heavy weight and don’t run fast.
  • Don’t up and down on the stairs.
  • Consult with your doctor or yoga teacher for yoga, asans that you should practice at the time of pregnancy. Yoga is very beneficial for everyone even for pregnant women and there are some especial yoga exercises that you should practice in such conditions. These especial yoga and asan help you to combat with general physical and health problem and also make you prepare for delivery times.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Stress Management during Exams- Stress Management Tips

Stress Management during Examination

Students have to work very hard during examination days. They try to give maximum time in reading, learning and practicing and don’t even bother about their diet, food etc. Exams build some extra burden on your mind so it is require combating with stress. There are lots of stress management tricks to combat with it but yoga and exercises are the natural and very simple solution for the same.

Here are few good yoga techniques to deal with examination stress.

Breathing: This is very simple and very effective yoga technique. Deep breathing is very important to remove the stress. You can easily try this any where even in examination halls. What you need to do is just sit straight and close your eyes and then start taking deep breath slowly. You need to take deep breath to make it reach to your lungs and stomach. Try it on regular basis and you will see the difference.

Preparing Notes: it is very good technique for long term leaning and understanding. If you prepare notes on regular basis of whatever your study, you can keep the concept clear in your mind for a long time buy just revising quickly.

Apart from just stress management, yoga also help in balancing your blood pressure, improving your healthy, it slows aging process, help in Increasing strength and flexibility in your body.

Meditation for stress relief: meditation is one of the oldest ways of stress management. Meditation not only help you in reducing your stress but also deal with other related problems like anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. You can also do meditation while walking and eating. For example while you walk just focus on your walking, your step, focus on the feel when your feet touch the ground and on your breathing. While you go for eating, you can also do meditation like don’t eat in hurry, focus on your eating not on other things, and give your full attention on your meal, enjoy your food and give and concentrate on your each bite.

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Improve Memory Skills in Children– Kids Memory Tips

How to Improve memory skill in children, kids

How to improve memory skills in children?

Not all children have the same capacity of learning and memorizing. Some children have excellent memory skills and they able to learn quickly, some children have good but there are children who don’t have good memory skills and they also struggle very hard to learn something and keep the same in the mind. It’s become very difficult for these children to remember something for short time too. Memory skills can be improved with the help of these following ways
  • By improving the diet
  • Change in lifestyle
  • With the help of games and other memory building tricks
If your kid is fighting with memory problem then you need to give emphasis on healthy and balanced diet. Diet rich in green and leafy vegetables helps the most in improving memory skills. You need to consider on providing all essential nutrition and vitamins to your kid to improve memory power.

Exercises: exercises are the excellent way to keep you healthy, as healthy people have the healthy mind so exercises are very important for optimal brain functions.

Playing Memory Games: Kids always love playing games and also show great attention. Try to offer them mind and memory related games which will help them in improving their memory skills. So play mind related games with your kid and also try to offer some award, as it’s natural if there is some incentive then you will try to work little hard. Rewards can be anything like their favorite eatables things.

Singing: As we all know we can memorize songs easily, use this trick and show them how they can memorize someone’s name, phone number by just singing in their mind.

Story Reading and learning: read story for your kinds and try to make them learn the names of the characters and locations etc.

You can improve your memory kids memory skills with the help of above mentioned tips.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Average weight for women- Ideal weight for women

Average weight for women - Ideal weight for women

Ideal weight for women or men depends on the height, age factors. There are various ways of weight measurement and you can easily determine whether you have an ideal weight or not. As per the general stats if you are between 4’10 inch and 5 inch then your ideal weight should be between 48kg to 56 kg, of if you are between 5' 1" to 5' 5" the ideal weight for you would be 51 to 63 kg. These are just ideal weight features for women and the same is not meant for every woman around the world as there are other factors as well like Genetics, lifestyle, eating habits etc.

Apart from this your genes plays a very important role in determining your weight. You weight also depends on your parents body structure, if both always have heavy weight then there are more chances that you too have more weight as this property of weight would be inherited from your parents.

Apart from this your lifestyle, living and eating habits also impact on your body weight. For example if you always try to strict to healthy diet your weight will be less and if you are fond of junk food, oily and fried food then there are better chance of heavy weight and fat.

Many of you are naturally blessed with heavy weight in this case these figures don’t stand true. There is a concept of BMI which calculates human weight as per the height. Body mass index is the fair estimation system for the ideal weight of women. As per the BMI, it says that if you are tall then you weight would also be more as compare to shorter women. Here is the very simple formula to calculate BMI. BMI = mass (kg) / height2 (m2)

So if you find yourself overweight then you must try various natural solutions to reduce your weight like yoga, exercises, swimming, cycling, running etc.

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Games to improve memory concentration power- increase memory tips

Games to improve memory concentration power

There are log of game which help you improve memory power. You even need not to buy it either you can play it online or you can also download it from the internet. We cannot achieve success until we have a good concentration power and memory. Your efforts and time would be wasted due to the lack of memory. Better concentration power makes us able to understand something better, better understanding helps us in memorizing it and also increases our interest to keep focus on the activity. So all these are co related.

Not every type of game increase your memory power instead there are few mind related game. Mind games provide you fund and simultaneously increase your memory power. Such games increase your brain power by working on a deeper level. There are lots of brain building games available offline and online. You can play games on your pc as well as video game to increase your mind.

But also for the gaming you require the following to increase your memory.

Free time: If you are in hurry and something going on in your mind then you can concentrate on your game. So to increase your memory power you should feel free and relaxed.

Health and fitness: you should also concentrate on your health and fitness. As it has been observed that a healthy and fit child can concentrate better. So fit and healthy kids have higher level of concentration power and thus can get much out of the play.

Silence: you need to sit in a calm place to play such type of game to increase your brain memory. Silence not only increases concentration but also increase your attention span, especially in case of children.

Reading: make you habitual of reading at bed times instead of watching TV.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Food to Improve Memory Power- Increase Memory through Food

Food to improve memory power

As we know there are lots of natural ways to improve memory power, concentration power like yoga, medication, exercises, techniques etc. Along with these there are some food too which helps you to improve your memory. Better memory helps students to improve study effectiveness and learning efficiency. Carbohydrates are required for energy and omega-3 fatty acid is required for improving communicating between brain cells. There are some foods that can show you the magical results for your memory power. Below is the list of food which helps you to improve your memory power.

Fish: There are some special kinds of fishes help in improving your memory power. Herring, salmon, tuna, sardines, halibut etc are few names fishes that help in improving memory power. Omega-3 fatty acid is very helpful in improving your memory power and as per the research Omega-3 fatty acids is also found in these fishes.
As you know there is 70% of water in our body and is the main source of making blood in our body. This is also true that 80% of blood is only due to water in our body. Water helps in removing toxins from our body and keeps it clean and pure.

Seeds: Omega-3 fatty acid is found in flaxseeds which help in improving and boosting your brain power. Roasted pumpkin and dry sunflower seeds help in improving memory.

Vitamins and Minerals: Minerals and vitamins are essential for growth and functioning of mind. Vitamine A, C and E are the most essential vitamins for your brain which not only protect the brain but also preserve memory. Apart from this for energy improvement B is the essential vitamins. Sodium, potassium and calcium are few essential and most important minerals for your brain.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are required to boost your memory power. The main function of antioxidants is to minimize the effect of radical damage on your mind. Plums, broccoli, beets, oranges, cherries, strawberries, spinach, Brussel sprouts, blackberries are the main source of antioxidants.
Egg yolks: is also very helpful in improving brain function and its health. It contains B and lecithin and essential fatty acids for our brain.

Yogurt, cheese, milk: these foods are good source of vitamin c which improves the function of nerves.

Fruits like Sweet potatoes, Beetroot and Carrot: These fruits are very essential for well nourishment of your brain. Vitamine B6, carbohydrates, vitamin c are found in rich quantity in these food which help in improving your brain power and also helps in purifying the blood.

Tea: is very beneficial in case of mental fatigue and to improve memory. Green tea works better than then black tea for the mind.

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