Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yoga to Increase Memory Power- Asan to Improve Memory Power

Yoga Asan to Increase Memory Power

People make every possible effort to increase the memory power. In this competitive edge students are often seen to try new ways to increase their memory. Now a days students normally feel pressure and to beat others, they even don’t hesitate to try medicines to increase their memory power. They always try to score high marks in the examination. The problem can be seen in every age group of people and it don’t relate to a particular age group. But with the age our mind power becomes weaker and weaker. So what should we all do to increase the memory power? What are the different ways that student can use to increase Memory power.
You should not go for medicines to increase the memory power instead you should try the natural ways. There are so many natural ways, tips and technique which help you to increase and improve the memory power.

When one thinks about yoga, he/she definitely thinks about swami Baba Ramdev yoga and Asanas. There are numbers of yoga, meditation techniques and asanas to boost your mind power, memory power and the concentration power. Yoga is a natural way to increase your mind power, memory power and don’t have any side effects. It has been in practice since the ancient times. One can increase his/her memory power naturally with yoga practices without taking any medicine.

Yoga, asans not only provide strength to your body but also to your mind. If you will practice yoga and asan on regular basis for a long time, you would definitely be able to boost your mind and memory power to a great extent. Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are two excellent yoga asana for those who want to increase memory power naturally.

People who are suffering with neck pain should avoid Sarvangasana and those who are suffering from hernia should not practice Bhujangasana.

Apart from and yoga asans, memory can be increase with pranayama and meditation. One of the best Swami Ramdev Pranayam for increasing memory power is Kapalbhati Pranayama. Apart form this, other Swami Ramdev Baba pranayama to increase memory power are bhastrika pranayam, brahmari pranayama and meditation.

Students also need to focus on increasing their concentration power. There are lots of way to do this naturally. Read more about how to improve concentration power. We all know that with good concentration power you can learn and understand quickly. Undoubtedly yoga is the best way to increase memory power

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