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Joint Pain Causes Remedies and Treatments

Joint Pain Causes Remedies and Treatments

There are 206 bones in our whole body and you will be surprised to know that there are numbers of joints as well. There are many joints in our body which help us to move or walk. Now joint pain have common in aged people. There are so many medicines, treatment are available in the market but everyone can’t afford them so one who feel joint pain can follow few home remedies to cure it.

The problems of joint pains have become very common and are being found mostly in old age people. There are lots of allopathic medicines and treatment are available in the market but there are few people who cant afford them. Don’t worry there are other home made natural treatment solutions are also available which helps you to treat your disease free of cost. What are the reasons that cause joint pain, lets understand it first.


There are so many reasons of joint pain. Joint injury, Joint strain, Joint sprain, Previous joint injury, Infections, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Lyme disease, Gout, Polymyalqia rheumatic etc. are few of the several reasons of joint pains.

Home remedies for joint pain

There are so many home made remedies and natural tips that will help you to cure the joint pain.
• It has been observed that one feels joint pain mostly in the morning time, so before going the bad, ointment can be applied on the affected area everyday. It will surely give you relax and free your joins from pain.
• Eucalyptus oil is very effective so apply this oil on the affective area after that dip the dowel into the luck warm water and twist the water out off the towel and apply this towel on to the effected areas or you can also steam the affected areas.
• YOGA is rambaad for every type of problem. You need to use Yoga and other exercise that are specially beneficial for joint paint every day. You can also drive cycling, swimming, walking etc. which cure the pain.
• You posture is very important in curing pain. Always notice in which posture you are sitting, waking and lying down. You body posture decide that you older life would be painful or not.
• Obesity or overweight can be the reason of joint pain. That’s the reasons of the joint pains
• Try to have fast at least once in a week so only have carrots and cabbage soup which helps to control a lot of problems associated with joint pain.
• Cut a lemon into few pieces and then fry them with oil. After that what you have to do is just put all the pieces in a clean cloth tightly and then apply the warm pack on to the affected are.
• Tamarind leave are also very useful in joint pains so just boil few leaves with the water and add salt in it and then keep pouring the liquid on the effected areas. Its one of the very effective home remedy for joint pain.

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