Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holy Basil Leaves Home Remedies- Basil Leave Cure Benefits

Holy Basil Leaves Benefits - Natural Cure

Almost all of you know about basil and few of you would definitely be using it. But hardly of you would know about the magical power and benefits of using basil for our health. So if you want to be healthy just start chews some leaves from now. Basil is one of the most miraculous herbs ever known. Infect basil leaves help to keep us away from swine flu H1N1 which have become the talk of the town. Let see its few uses for the health.

Holy Basil leaves have antioxidants, potassium and vitamin A as well as C. Basil leaves also carry anti inflammatory, antiseptic, anti infective and diuretic things with it selves. It means to have basil leaves, to have all those things at a time for your body. So what are you waiting for?

• If any one of your family or friend is suffering form fever or cough and cold so what you have to do is, boil around of 20 basil leaves in almost 200ml water and give this hot water to drink. But remember it should be drunk in morning for good result.

• If you are suffering from nausea and diarrhea so don’t worry any more about it ‘coz there is a home made remedy for you. What to do is grind 15 to 20 basil leaves along with water and strain the mixture. put it into a glass and mix a pinch of black paper powder into it and drink it. Its very useful for the people who are suffering of nausea as well as diarrhea.

• Prepare the juice of basil leaves and add lemon juice in it, then put few drop of this mixture into your ear to get rid from the ear infection. This same mixture will help you to get rid of flawless skin. apply this mixture on all over the face for at least 10 minutes and get it wash for shiny skin. That juice of basil leaves and lemon will also useful for the shiny, healthy and white teeth. You need to apply this on the teeth after brushing them.

These are few magical use of basil leaves for our heath. Hope you would like these tips. Basil leaves are available everywhere easily , so you are improving your health and getting rid of few diseases free of cost.

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