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Pneumonia Symptoms, Pneumonia Causes in Adults and Children

Pneumonia Symptoms - Pneumonia Causes

About Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a lung infection disease which makes you very sick. Patient of pneumonia suffer from cough, run a fever and have a hard breathing. Its said that pneumonia can be treated at home and often cured up within 2 to 3 weeks but in many cases of older, adults, babies and other people, sometimes they become very serious that they need to be hospitalized.
There are two types of pneumonia and one can suffer from it in his daily life, during the school or work etc. When one is attacked by pneumonia during his/her work timings or in school, is called community associated pneumonia and the pneumonia which one is caught while in hospital or nursing home, is called healthcare associated pneumonia. This topic will focus on community associated pneumonia.

Causes of pneumonia?

Pneumonia starts when the germs enter into your lungs by breathing. Pneumonia’s germs can easily influence when you are already suffering from cold of the flu ‘coz in this situation your lungs have lost the power to fight with infection. So there are always many chances to get pneumonia when you have a long term or chronic, disease like asthma, heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

What are the pneumonia symptoms?

There are few symptoms of pneumonia caused by bacteria.
☼ During the cough you will get mucus from lungs and mucus may be rusty either green of tinged with blood. So if you are suffering from cough of mucus then go for a doctor advice.
☼ Bacteria of pneumonia make you fall ill. You suffer from fever.
☼ After having the bacteria of pneumonia you feel problem in taking breath. You would have fast breathing and feel short of breath.
☼ You will feel such cold that will make you feel shaking and teeth chattering.
☼ There would be much pain in your chest while coughing or breathe in.
☼ Your heart beats would be very fast during pneumonia.
☼ if there you are suffering from pneumonia, will feel very tired or weak without doing any physical work.
☼ You would feel nausea and vomiting.
☼ You would suffer from diarrhea.

But there are some differences in symptoms of pneumonia between babies and adults. Adult older don’t suffer fever while babies do. Secondly in case of adult, cough doesn’t bring up mucus but babies cough brings. If one is already have any lung problem then pneumonia may get worse.

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