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Chicken Pox Symptoms- Chickenpox Remedies Causes

Chicken Pox Symptoms - Remedies and Causes

What causes chickenpox?

Chickenpox starts from cold, runny of stuffy nose, sneezing as well as cough. Infect 1 to 2 days later rashes can be seen on the body which usually start from chest and face. Chickenpox spread over all the body in a very short period of time even it cover the mouth and ear area. It is not important that number of the chickenpox’s scars would be same for every one, they might be change. Few luck children suffer with small numbers of chickenpox spots and there are few who gets lots numbers of chickenpox.

How it spread?

There are so many reasons for chickenpox, lets discuss some of them

• It spreads from a person to second person by the contact of the virus. If there is someone who is suffering from chickenpox in your family, the chances that other family members get affected with the virus, would be more. This virus enters in the body through the nose or mouth. It may make sick all of them who come in touch of chickenpox.chicken pox symptoms
• Chickenpox also spread by the air. If the person has coughing or sneezing then the virus mix up in the air and then they enter into the other person’s body who take breath in the same air.
• If a woman is suffering from chickenpox during the regency, can pass the chickenpox’s virus even to the baby who has not taken birth yet. It means in case of a pregnant woman, her baby may also get affect with this problem.

Itchy Itchy, Scratchy Scratch

Chickenpoxes are itchy as well as scratchy and while itching, you may also feel pain. So there are few tips and remedies which can help you to reduce the itchiness.
• Heat and sweat are the main reasons of itching, so try to keep your body cool. To feel cool you can also place a wet and cool washcloth on the effective areas. It will help you to reduce your itch.
• You should trim your fingernails so that you won’t tear your skin while you do scratch.
• Just mix oatmeal to your bath water which will help you to relieve from the itching.
• You should apply calamine lotion which is good for chicken pox. Actually it lesson down the itching.

How to stop the virus by spreading in your entire family?
Don’t share the room of affected people with other family members as it may also spread through the indirect contact.

Symptoms of chickenpox - Chicken px Symptoms

o It usually begins from the body and face then it spread to the scalp and limbs.
o Chickenpox is very itchy.
o It usually has red color. It starts in the form of a small red spots on the body and gradually develops into blisters in the couple of hours.
o New blisters are seen at least after 4 to 6 days.
o Chickenpox is usually seen in the teens, especially those who are under 12 age suffer from it.
o A child suffers at least for one week from chickenpox and an adult suffer for a long time.

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