Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food for High Blood Pressure– Diet for Hypertension Control

Food and Diet that reduce high blood pressure problem

Hypertension has become a very common problem of today’s world as this is competitive world and each and every one wants to beat the others. Even in the students this problem can be seem. The problem can be cure with yoga and asans but there are some natural home remedies available which helps in controlling your high blood pressure problem. Simultaneously you can also practice yoga and asans for good results. Diet can be very beneficial in controlling and lowering down your blood pressure. Here are some good diet plan and food that lower down your blood pressure level or we can say it keep the blood pressure level balanced.

Food and Diet for high blood pressure problem - Diet for hypertension

• If you are not feeling good and realizing that your blood pressure level is rising then just add Cayenne pepper ( red chili powder) in one glass of luck warm water and drink it for immediately relief. This is one of the best home made natural remedies for high blood pressure treatment.

• You need to squeeze half a lemon in one glass of water and mix it well and just drink it. Its also good for immediately relief from high blood pressure.

• Take four leaves of tulsi (holy plant) and two leaves of neem along with 4 tsp of water and mix them well. start taking it every morning at least for one week. It will give you good result.

• Amla is very effective in controlling high blood pressure so just have Amla along with milk for one week. It will give you tremendous result.

• Waking bare feet on the grass is not only good for eyes and health but also very beneficial for improving blood circulation and maintains blood pressure. So what are you waiting for, start it from now.

• Now it has become a universal truth that YOGA and PRANAYAMA can cure any type of problem related with mantal and physic. So just add YOGA in you daily life. Suryanamaskar, makarasana, matsyasana, vajrasana, pavanmuktasana, anuloma-viloma, abdominal breathing are very beneficial in high blood pressure.

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