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Average weight for women- Ideal weight for women

Average weight for women - Ideal weight for women

Ideal weight for women or men depends on the height, age factors. There are various ways of weight measurement and you can easily determine whether you have an ideal weight or not. As per the general stats if you are between 4’10 inch and 5 inch then your ideal weight should be between 48kg to 56 kg, of if you are between 5' 1" to 5' 5" the ideal weight for you would be 51 to 63 kg. These are just ideal weight features for women and the same is not meant for every woman around the world as there are other factors as well like Genetics, lifestyle, eating habits etc.

Apart from this your genes plays a very important role in determining your weight. You weight also depends on your parents body structure, if both always have heavy weight then there are more chances that you too have more weight as this property of weight would be inherited from your parents.

Apart from this your lifestyle, living and eating habits also impact on your body weight. For example if you always try to strict to healthy diet your weight will be less and if you are fond of junk food, oily and fried food then there are better chance of heavy weight and fat.

Many of you are naturally blessed with heavy weight in this case these figures don’t stand true. There is a concept of BMI which calculates human weight as per the height. Body mass index is the fair estimation system for the ideal weight of women. As per the BMI, it says that if you are tall then you weight would also be more as compare to shorter women. Here is the very simple formula to calculate BMI. BMI = mass (kg) / height2 (m2)

So if you find yourself overweight then you must try various natural solutions to reduce your weight like yoga, exercises, swimming, cycling, running etc.

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