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Health tips for pregnant women

Health tips for pregnant women

Pregnancy is very critical time for any women and they always think to find out tips to health and fitness and also get tense many times. There are many problems and issues that a women face during the pregnancy. For example they try to find out ways for health, how to increase their blood level, how to sleep, what the general precautions, what are the various sitting and sleeping positions that one should avoid in pregnancy, what to eat and what to avoid etc. So there are lots of questions that may arise in your mind if you are pregnant. There are some general health tips for pregnant women.

Health Tips for Pregnant women

Sleep and Rest: One should take enough rest and sleep in case of pregnancy. This is the time when you should take care of yourself. You should take as much as sleep and rest as you can.
Drinking habits: Always try to drink and take your liquids during day times and try to avoid too much of liquids at nights as this may results in frequent nighttime bathroom visit.
If you are pregnant then you should sleep on your left side as much as possible. You should also use pillows under your belly or you can also use in your knees. This will provide you some extra comfort.

  • Try to avoid junk, fried and spicy foods in such conditions.
  • Don’t take full meal at once instead try to eat in small amount throughout the day.
  • Don’t take hard drinks like sodas and other carbonated drinks.
  • You should avoid nightmares and fear by sharing it with your partners and don’t try to eat too much of food at bad times.
  • Get your routine checkups by the doctor.
  • Try to concentrate on good and healthy food like apples, orange, juice, pomegranate, pine apples and eat most of juicy fruits.
  • Don’t lift heavy weight and don’t run fast.
  • Don’t up and down on the stairs.
  • Consult with your doctor or yoga teacher for yoga, asans that you should practice at the time of pregnancy. Yoga is very beneficial for everyone even for pregnant women and there are some especial yoga exercises that you should practice in such conditions. These especial yoga and asan help you to combat with general physical and health problem and also make you prepare for delivery times.

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