Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat Reduce Belly Fat

How to Get Rid Of Belly Fat Reduce Belly Fat

People get fatty is normal and weight can be reduced easily. Fatty people look nice but in case if you have belly fat then it becomes a headache for you. You will have to compromise in many ways, you will try to hide your belly fat, and people will make fun of you belly fat and the big problem when you go in a party. How to get rid of belly fat is a problem not it is not impossible. You can get rid with belly fat easily if you have determination and punctually. There are many yoga, asans and exercises through which you can easily get rid of belly fat. First you need to take care of you diet. You should not take food and eatable which increases belly fat. There are many reasons for belly fat.

Alcoholic beverages: Avoid taking such thinks as it increases the problem of belly fat.

Stress: stress makes you stomach bigger so stress is also a main reason for belly fat.

Digestion: If your digestion is not proper, it means you may face belly fat problem, the people who complaints gastric problem may also face belly fat problem.

Late nigh eating: If you are taking dinner at late night timings it means your food will not be able to digest your food properly and it may create problem of belly fat.

Foods that help to reduce belly fat.

There are many food that help to reduce your belly fat.

Eggs: Yes it is advisable to eat egg. Egg contains proteins and it has been studied that the people who takes protein-based calories in their food, helps to burn more calories in a day. It helps to reduce belly fat.

Eat green vegetables in your diet. Spinach is very good as it has lots of vitamin A ,C and fibers. Apart from it lettuce and cabbage and other green vegetables are also important.
Keep your diet balanced: Don’t eat too much of fast food, oily food etc.

Drink Water: drink water as much as you can. It is advised to drink at least 10 glass of water in a day it not helps to reduced fat but also helps in many other physical diseases.

Exercises: Exercise is very important that you should not avoid. Go for morning walk daily. If you can go to gym it will be beneficial to reduce your belly fat and build up your muscles.

Vitamin C: vitamin c is very important to reduce fat and orange, lemon, guava etc are full of vitamin c.

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