Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu H1N1 Precautions Remedies Symptoms

Swine flu is a virus attack that is H1N1 and it can easily spread from person to person. So people are more frightened, but proper treatment and precautions is only remedy for it.
Swine Flu is not a killer disease and can be cured if timely detected and treated.
If you feel that if are caught by swine Flu don’t panic as its not the remedy, swine Flu causes

Symptoms of Swine Flu

sore throat
running nose
also in few cases you may have vomiting. Medicines and treatment are available and the disease can be treated in hospitals by taking medicines prescribed by them.

If you feel swine Flu, in most of the cases the illness last up to a week. What you need to do, Avoid going in crowded places, take leave from your school, college, don’t try to mix in other and try to take a much as fluids and rest as you can.
Medicines and masks are available there in many hospitals.

Take Precautions:

Washing hands very often
Be at your home when you are sick
Don’t touch your nose when you are sick also the mouth
Use handkerchief while sneezing and try to cover it.
If you find any person coughing and sneezing, keep your distance with him.

Who can get infected with this H1N1 virus

Pregnant women
Children and adults with obesity
Persons with chronic medical problems like asthma, cardiovascular and other chronic lung disease.

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