Saturday, August 29, 2009

How to Make Hair Soft Silky Smooth Naturally

How to Make Hair Soft Silky Smooth Naturally

How to make your hair soft and silky, people most of the times try to find out some good herbal solution to make hair soft. There are lots of natural tips to make your hair soft. Here are few for you.

Use Conditioner: Use of conditioner keep your hair soft. What your hair need for being soft always is moisture and conditioner provide the same. So conditioning your hair is a natural home tip to make your hair soft.

Avoid hair dryer: too much use of hair dryer makes lost your hair natural beauty. Its ok to use hair dryer but make sure you are using it on the low heat temperature. Many times hair dryer makes you hair dry and frizzy if you are using it too close to your hair.

Also avoid combing and brushing your hair frequently. Just make use of it to straight your hairs.

To make your hair soft use the mixture of vinegar. Use it with water and apply the same on your hair after shampooing your hair.

Avoid brushing your hair when your hairs are in wet condition.

Use of mint and tea tree oils with shampoo is good on your hair.

Use Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar and rub the same in the roots of your hair. It makes your hair shiny.

Don’t make use of hair chemical products too much. Try to avoid these products as it may harm your hair.

Use of egg yolks is one of the good home remedy to make your hair soft. What you need to do is, take two yolks, one cup of water, and tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all these ingredients and use that mixture on your hair and massage with it. Don’t use hot water to rinse the hair, just use lukewarm.

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