Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yoga for Hair fall – Asana for Hair Loss Control

Yoga For Hair Loss & Hair Fall Control

Yoga, the ancient way of keeping yourself fit, fine and healthy have great magical effects. It not only keeps your body fit and fine but also makes you beautiful by preserving your hair fall and hair loss.

Hair loss has now become a common problem and the people of almost every age, fighting with this problem and making every effort to get immediate relief. Now the question is that do they get success in controlling hair fall? May or may not be. There are many medicines & hair oil available in the market which promise to cure this problem in few days but the question is did you really get success? Did you manage to stop hair fall? Did you really feel your hair loss is now under control? Using these medicines may have side effects, so most of the people scare of using it.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Tension & Stress
Bad Diet
Long time stomach diseases
Hair Loss in case of pregnancy
Poor blood circulation etc

There are few yoga postures, Asan which apart from keeping you healthy, also helps to control hair loss, hair fall. Here are the few best yoga poses & exercises for hair loss problem.
Vajrasana is one of the best asan for hair fall problem.

How to practice Vajrasana?

By keeping your both the knees together, sit on the floor. Try to fold your knees one by one, first the left and then right one and place toes on the floor.

Don’t tough your heels, and keep both apart, bring your both the toes together and sit on them.
Keep your palms on your kneed straighter. Make sure spine, the neck and the head should be straight. You hands should be pressure free and the body weight should be on spine. Keep breathing smoothly while doing this posture. Now return in your original position by taking off your left leg and then right leg.

Don’t try to do hard, in the initial stage try this asan for 5 minutes. Practice makes a man perfect so increase the timings gradually when you feel comfortable.


People, who are suffering from piles and knee pain, should avoid it.
Improve the blood circulation
Helps in getting rid with constipation problem
Improves appetite
It strengthens thigh and calf muscles
Best for stomach disorders

Improve digestion: Poor digestion is also a cause for hair loss so it improves your digestion power and hence helps to prevent hair loss indirectly. Good Yoga for Hair Loss problem.