Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oily Hair Remedies Natural Tips – Oily Hair Home Remedies

The problem of oily hair is indeed a big problem; due to access oil your hair attracts more dust and pollution which makes them like greasy. Oily hair is also a big hindrance in your natural beauty. If you have oily hair then you need to take an extra care. Mostly people have wrong phenomena in their minds; most of you think that oily scalp results in oily hair you will surprise to know that it’s all opposite. Dry scalp is the main reason of oily hair, are you surprised but it’s a truth. But you need to now to tense if your hairs are oily. You can easily take care of them and make healthy. Below are few natural remedies for oily hair problem.
Baby powder is highly useful in case of oily hair and work as a good natural remedy for oily hair. What you need to do is very simple; just spread a little amount of baby powder on your hair and remain it for an half hour and then wash your head. Isn’t a simple natural oily hair treatment tip.

In a glass of water mix 3 tspn of vinegar as well as lemon juice. Massage your head with this mixture, remember to mix it well. After half an hour rinse your head with soft hands.

Don’t make use of access amount of hair spray or gel. Hair becomes oily as these products moisten the hair. So hair attracts dust and pollution.

Hot oily treatment is also good for oily hair, apply hot oil on your scalp and massage your head. Rinse your head after that.

Also avoid brushing your hair frequently as it helps to produce oily.

Also remember not to use conditioner in case of oily hair; conditioner is also not good for oily hair.

Also minimize use of oily in your daily food; instead eat vegetables and fresh fruits.

If you want to use a shampoo then you should go for the right one, use of mild shampoo and scrub lightly would be advisable in case of oily hair. Also remember not to apply it to the roots instead apply it in the middle or the end.

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