Friday, August 14, 2009

Natural Cough Remedies For Children – Home Remedies For Child

Cold and cough problem is a child is very common. There are many home remedies that you can make at your home for cough. The ingredients would be easily available at your home or at general stores. So you can make your own natural home remedy syrup for cough. Natural home remedies should be prefer but remember it don’t show results fast. It takes times but cures your baby naturally. When you find your baby with Cough you will want to do every possible effort to get instant relief. People used to give their child cough syrup to get instant relief but most of the times they also don’t work moreover the sugar they contain may even prolong illness.

Honey and garlic: Honey and garlic is one of the most famous and ancient natural cough remedies. Chop garlic and mix it with one tsp of honey. Now drink it up.

Ginger: ginger is widely used in ancient times and also in present to deal with several diseases. We mostly use ginger in tea, Ginger have the power to loosen the phlegm in your lungs therefore it is recommended for chest congestion.

Use sage and thyme to make tea as arm herbal tea will help clear mucus. You must need to concert with your doctor that what should be the age of your baby to give this herbal tea.

If you are not getting any relief and it continues for more than one week, contact to your family doctor. As home remedies can cure only minor cough or we can say in normal cough we can take help of these home remedies otherwise you must contact to your doctor if it is not under control.

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