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Home Remedies for Hair Fall – Hair Loss Natural Remedies

Hair loss has become a common problem now a days and the people of every age facing this problem mainly the youngsters. What is the main reason if we talk about youngsters “ nothing other then stress and tension”, Yes the problem of hair fall in youngsters and in students is only due to stress and tension. Students take stress due to their studies whereas youngsters always think of their better career and future. But there are many other reasons for hair fall. Have a look on these.

Hair Loss in case of pregnancy
Hair Loss in case of infection in scalp
Lack of proteins and minerals in your diet
and hair loss in case of digestion problem
Dandruff, Pollution

How to stop Hair LossHome remedies for hair fall

In case you feel that your hair are falling more at the bed time then you must look to change your pillow. Silk pillow helps to prevent your from being fall.

Rubbing your hair roughly results in hair fall. So try to rinse your hair with a care.
Don’t take much stress and try to avoid it as much as you can. There are many yoga and exercises to remove stress. Lack of blood circulation also cause hair loss problem.

If your hairs are wet then using comb is not a good option as it stretches which may results in hair fall. So avoid using comb in your hair.

Coconut oil is one of the best home remedies to get rid of hair fall problem. Pour coconut oil in your scalp and massage gently, leave it for half and hour and after that rinse it.
Don’t make the use of hair dryer much as the heat makes your hair ruff and damage it.
Garlic juice message on scalp also helps to prevent hair loss.

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