Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weight Gain Foods- Weight Gain Diets- Food to Gain Weight

Weight gain diets – Weight gain foods

A well and good diet plan is very important if you want to gain healthy weight. So you need to know about the right food. Oily food, junk food creates health problems so avoid them. So you need to know about the right food that you should use in your daily diet to gain healthy weight.

It is sure you need to eat more what your body required normally to gain extra calories.
If you continue to eat the same diet it will not have any positive effect on your weight. For that you need to have some basis calculation of your diet as different people have different capacity.

Here is the list of Good diet plan

Milk: use milk in your daily diet as it has more proteins which help in muscles mass. But don’t intake too much of milk at one go. First drink one glass and then increase the quantity after regular intervals as your body need to be habitual for the same.
Fiber and vitamins: you also need to take some fibers and vitamins in your food. The best source for the same is fruits and vegetables. Fibers are very important for body to remove our body waste, it helps in digestion.

Beverages: If we talk about beverages milk shakes, fruit juice provides high calories and help in building healthy mass. Intake of non veg food like Egg, Fish and Meat is also important.

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