Saturday, October 31, 2009

Healthy Diet Plan- Healthy Vegetarian Diet- Healthy Eating Diet

healthy diet plan - healthy vegetarian diet

We all know that healthy diet plan plays an important role in a healthy leaving. If want to leave healthy life, there must be a healthy diet plan as well. A healthy diet provides you all the vitamins and nutrition that your body needs. There are types of vitamins and nutrition for different parts of your body like vitamin A, C, E and many more to name. Calcium is needed by your bones to make them strong. Vitamin A is needed for your eyes to keep them sharp always. For your Skin you need Vitamin A, B and E to keep it healthy, beautiful and glowing always. Apart from this vitamin and nutrition also keep you always from several diseases attack. Vitamin c helps in coughs, boost your immune system and protects artery linings. Vitamin B12 helps in nerve damage, weak muscles, depression, and memory problems; Vitamin E boosts your immune system and also helps in heart diseases.

Healthy Diet plan:

Water: Drink water as much as you can, for one to keep healthy its recommended to drink at least 10 glass of water daily.

Fried Food: Try to avoid taking fried food, we all know how they are made outside, what quality of oil is used etc and in spite of that we all love to eat them. Avoid eating vadas, samosa, chips, bhajias etc.

Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads daily in your diet.

For children its very important to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals in their diet plan. Children don’t drink milk so try to add some proteins in milk, market healthy products which makes it sweet. Eggs must be their in breakfast.

Fruit or vegetables should be there with your lunch. Your stomach needs fiber for a good digestion.

But as per your body, physics you must need to concentrate on special diet plan
If you are fatty, you need to take healthy diet plan to reduce fat.
There is healthy diet plan for children, old age people and especially for women in case of pregnancy etc.

If you are a vegetarian then there is a good diet plan for vegetarians and if you are not then each and every healthy diet plan will suit you.

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Thanks for the healthy information on healthy eating. I will definitely follow your advice and from today & give up all my bad habits to eat junk food.

Thank you
Healthy diet plans