Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Get Rid of Cough- Keep Away from Coughs - Cough Cures

How to Get Rid of Cough – How to Keep Away from Coughs

With the starting of winter seasons, cold and cough start attacking people, especially children and the weak people. Most of the people even don’t take medicines in cough problem if it is normal but when it seems to be painful, one knock the gate of doctor. But why we always go for a doctor, if the reason of cough is winter and cold. There are lots of home remedies available for cough problem. You can get rid with cough problem at home without wasting your time and money. People love to use these simple and very beneficial home made remedies for cough for children as well as for adults and don’t worry there is no side effects of using home made medicines for cough. But you should notice when it is not showing any positive effect then you can look for a doctor or ayurvedic medicines. It has also been seen that most of the people have commonly used cold and cough tablets in their bag and purse. Whenever they feel cough and cold they take one, but this is in fact wrong, we should avoid taking these tablets and instead of these tablets we should look for home made remedies for cough, they are natural and easy to prepare at home without spending too much money.

Initially coughs don’t create any problem but when it becomes bigger then it makes loud sound and creates pain. It doesn’t even let you work make you tired physically. So take it seriously and do every possible measure to get rid of cold and cough.

You need to make your immune system strong to fight with cough and cold. If your immune system is not strong then you can easily be infected by other people beside you if they have cold and cough.

You need to keep yourself healthy and strong internally. For that you need to do exercises daily, you should eat healthy food with full of vegetables, wholegrain, fruits, fish, egg etc.

Sleep is another aspect of healthy body. One should take a sleep of at least 8 hours to keep your healthy.

Take vitamin c in your diet and eat fruits that have vitamin c. This is excellent home remedy for cough and cold.

Apart from this there are simple herbal treatments that you can use at home; these are in fact anti viral herbs like garlic, ginseng, and basil leaves. They prevent you from being attacked by these viruses.

Onion and cabbages are also works a good home remedy ingredients for coughs.

Keep yourself warm by wearing hot clothes in winter.

Keep yourself away from the people who have cough and cold.

Keep your nose wrapped when some one sneezes or coughs.

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