Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cracked Heel Treatment Repair Relief Cracked heel

Home Remedies for Cracked heels – Treatment for Cracked Heel

Normally it has been noticed that people don’t care of their heels much, they don’t give much importance to their heels and this lack of proper attention to the foot is the main cause of cracked heels and there are other reasons as well. Dry skin is the main cause for cracked heels and can be avoid easily with simple care of your feet with home made treatments.

There are many symptoms of cracked heels, you may feel pain while walking due to cracked heels, itchy skin, red or flaky patches on the foot, yellow kind or some kind of dark ness on the heels.

Treatment for cracked heels - Cracked heel Relief Tips

Cracked heels can be cured easily.

Dry the heels first and if there is moisture left between the cracks can be harmful.
Wear shocks after applying moisturizer foot creams on your heels.
Must wear socks in winter.
Your shoes should be comfortable and avoid wearing tight and uncomfortable shoes.
It can also be caused with some disease and in that case you must consult with a doctor.
Keep your water in warm water and then scrub heels with pumic stone.
Use sleepers at home to prevent entering dust in the cracks.
Take care of your heels properly you would never face this problem of cracked heels.

These are the few natural heel repair tips and to get the relief from cracked heel pain.

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