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Home Remedies For cholera Treatment Naturally – Cholera Home Remedy

Home Remedies For cholera - Curing Cholera Naturally – Cholera Home Remedy

How would you know that you are suffering with Cholera? Symptoms

Wrinkled skin on fingers
Body temperature increases
Weak pulse
You will feel weakness
Dry skin


You can treat cholera at home at almost zero cost. There are several home remedies available at home which cures the problem of cholera. Ayurveda is very powerful and have the solution for almost every problem.

Home and natural Remedies for Cholera

To keep your body hydrate is very important in Cholera, so always try to drink water as much as you can. It is not only important for cholera but also keep you and your body away from other common physical problems. It is also important to note that always drink pure water, you can use water purifier for that or can also boiled it to sterilize it.

Sugar and salt when mixed in water, this solution is very good for cholera patient treatment. This is a good home remedy for cholera. To make this solution take 1 liter water, it should be boiled, take 4 tsp of sugar and ½ tsp of salt. Now as you drink water, you should also take this mixture several times a day.

Now comes at fruits home remedies for cholera. Lemon and Orange are good for cholera treatment. Drink one or two glass of fresh juice regularly.

Take some cucumber leaves and make juice from it, add a glass of coconut water. Now the home made solution for cholera treatment is ready and you can give it to the patient in 30-60 ml quantity. This is very good home remedy for cholera treatment.

Take few basis leaves boil the same in a glass of water. Now filter it and let it cool for some time after that drink it. Do the same on regular basis.

Make you diet light which should include flakes, vegetable soup etc. This is good home remedy for treating cholera problem.

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