Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Remedies for Dark Skin Fairness Natural Remedy

Home Remedies for Dark skin – Home Remedies for Fair Skin – Make your skin fair

You can make you skin fair to some extent with the help of natural home remedies but if you think you want to be completely fair, it’s very difficult if your skin is black. Here are some good natural home remedies to make your skin fair, glowing and beautiful.

Use the potato slice on your face, this help you to get rid with blemishes and other marks.
You can use dried orange peels and curd. Mix both and use on your face. This is very good home remedy for blemishes and scars on your face, one of the best home remedies for dark skin.

Drinking water is the only solution of many health related problem along with beauty. So always drink water as much as you can. At least 10 glass of water; one should drink in a day. If you can drink more it’s better.

Don’t go in sun; don’t expose your skin too much in sun light and outside.

Add fresh vegetables, fruits and take salad in your diet

Mix turmeric powder with lime juice and use this paste on your dark skin parts, it is very good home remedy for dark skin.

Don’t make too much use of chemical and other cosmetic product which has chemicals, and stop the use of such products which irritates your skin. Instead you can use herbal cosmetic products.

If you have a oily skin then, take a cup of oatmeal, half tablespoon fresh lime and mashed apple. Make the paste and apply on your face, you should leave the face for 10 minutes after applying this paste.

In case you have Sensitive skin then you should make the mixture of one egg, one half cup of cooked oatmeal and I tbsp of almond oil. Use the paste on your face and again leave it for at least 10 minutes, wash it with lukewarm water. One of the good home remedies for dark skin if you have a sensitive skin.

Home Remedies for Dark skin – Home remedies for Fair Skin – Make your skin fair

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