Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glowing Skin Home Remedies Tips Natural Care

Who don’t want to get a fair and glow skin. It’s a dream of each and every people as it’s a main part of our personality. How to get fair, healthy and glow skin, here are some good natural care tips for you.

If you want a Glowing skin, try out these tips.

• Make a mixture by using oats with honey, yogurt and ground almonds. Mix it well and apply this on your whole face after that leave it for at list 5 minutes and then wash it with little warm water.

• Cucumber is good for face and Is known as a natural cleanser. So you can apply mixture of cucumber juice and milk in place of cleanser.

• Mix honey, lemon and vegetable oil well. Then apply it on the face for at list for 10 minutes. It’s a good moisturizer for dry skin.

• If you want to have a beautiful and glowing skin then try a mixture of honey and milk on the face. It will give you a glowing skin.

• Make a face mask by using mixture of slice of pumpkin with egg yolk and milk. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash it. You will get a growing skin.

• put half cup of honey in you bath water for getting a soft and smooth skin.

• prepare a paste of mint leaves and almonds and apply this on body till it get dry and than take bath with warm water. It’s a soothing body pack.

• If you are suffering from dark underarms and neck then apply the mixture of lemon juice and cucumber juice and pinch of turmeric daily. Leave it for 20 minutes.

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