Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yoga For Digestion Problem Poses Exercises Poses

Yoga has become too popular in the words and people are curing most of their disease by doing yoga. Apart from it doing yoga is a very good way to keep your overall body active, healthy and fit. We all have seen its amazing results. It’s true that our stomach is the root for most of the physical problems and diseases. So we need to keep proper care of our stomach. Yoga exercises help and improve our digestion power. There are many yoga exercises which help in stomach related diseases and you will definitely realize its magical effects in few days.

This problem has been seen in old age and the people who don’t move their body, and never does any physical activity. Doing yoga and exercise makes your internal organs working. Yoga and ayurveda not only cure the disease but also provide you complete cure from several stomach and digestive related problems. You must need to give proper attention on your daily diet along with yoga asanas as many stomach problems arise due to bad eating habits. Always try to chew what ever you eat properly as most of us don’t chew food properly. our stomach organs have to do extra exercises in a particular time to digest our food and sometimes it fails and causes digestion problem.

Cobra pose or we can say Bhujangasana :

One of the best yoga exercises for digestion problem. lie on your stomach facing your forehead towards the floor. Bring your both legs together. You have to lift your upper body (forehead, nose, your chest, shoulder and neck) with the help of your palms and simultaneously you have to breathe in while lifting your upper body part. Raise your upper body as much as you can high towards the sky by facing straight. hold this posture and breathe normally. Now bring your body slowly in the previous position by exhaling easily.