Sunday, July 19, 2009

How To Increase Height Exercise | Tips Height Increasing Techniques

How to increase Height - Height Increasing Techniques

Height is a important part of your personality and it is essential for self esteem & look. In case of boys it is very important. Overall height is very important for both girls and boys. There are various kinds of yoga exercises to increase height. You can increase height and make your self feel happy by increasing height with the help of these exercises and yogas.

It’s a fact that in childhood your height increases fast and quick, but slows down. There is a age till your height can increase but after that it is very difficult. Till 20 years of age your age increases. But after that you can try yoga and other exercises which increase height. Here are few for you.

Bridge Pose: bridge pose which is also known as Chakrasan is one of the excellent exercises to increase height. Lie on your back on the ground and Bend your knees and keep your hand on your hips. Keep your palms flat on the floor and raise the lower ends of your hips and your lower back off the ground. Now you have to lift your middle and upper back. Lift as you can but stop when you feel uncomfortable & discomfort. Now you are in the passion of like arc. Keep this position for at least 30 seconds to one minute and breathe gently.

Another exercise to increase height is lying on the floor on your stomach. Keep your hands behind your neck. Now start raising either of your leg high as much as you can towards the sky. Now with the second leg repeat the same. This exercise also helps a lot and increases your height.

Hanging: Yes this is very good and very simple exercise, you can hang on any bar or in the park or anywhere which you find comfortable. Hand on for at least 30 minutes. These exercises help to straighten and lengthen the spine.

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