Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At Home Teeth Whitening Tips Home Remedies

At home teeth whitening Tips - Home remedies for teeth whitening tips

Do you feel that your smile is not as good as it should be? Do you think your teeth are not as bright as it should be? People love to know at home teeth whitening tips to make their teeth clean, whiter and bright. If you don’t have white teeth you can’t smile freely, we also know that for a healthy smile, we need to have clean, bright and white teeth.

One of the best at home teeth whitening tips is use of table salt and lemon juice. How to use it? Mix these both salt and lemon juices and apply it on your teeth. It is natural, safe and very easy to use. It is very cheap as well very effective solution to clean your teeth.

Baking soda is used for cleaning teeth and its one of the oldest home remedies for cleaning teeth. Make its paste by mixing water and baking soda and use this solution as tooth paste.

Another at home whitening tips is, peel of an orange. Yes rubbing inner white portion of the peel on your teeth, it is free of cost home remedies for whitening teeth. You will find your yellow teeth bright and white in few days if you keep using it on regular basis.

Paste of bicarbonate soda with your toothpaste works well for your teeth and keep them white and brighter.

We all need to brush our teeth before going to bed. These free home remedies for teeth whitening are very effective and natural. Use these tips on regular basis.

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