Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Acne Blemishes Home Remedies Acne Black Spots

Acne Blemishes Home Remedies & Acne Black Spots Treatments

When you get rid from acne and pimples, another problem arises and that is acne black spots on the face or we can say acne blemishes. It looks very bad if you have a fair skin as these scars can be noticed by anyone. So it needs treatment, here are some useful and free home remedies that you can apply on your face and get rid of this acne blemishes problems.

Why this problem arises: Many people don’t care and don’t give proper attention. In case of acne don’t wash your face roughly or hardly. It creates a problem and your acne becomes hard which results in black spots after. washing your face frequently is also not recommended so don’t wash your face many times in case of pimples just 2-3 times is enough.

Lemon juice: lemon juice is used in many treatments and works as a good home remedy ingredient. Wash your face with lemon juice for 2 times daily. it kills and prevents bacteria which causes this problem.

Garlic is another good acne blackheads removal ingredient. Use garlic to run your acne with it daily for many times in a day.

Juice / pulp of tomato: To lighten your scars you can use tomato pulp but in case of sensitive skin it should be avoided.

Use the above home remedies for eliminating your acne dark spots problem to acne blemishes. Watch your skin and see the result. You will definitely get rid with this problem.

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