Monday, March 30, 2009

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Best Home Remedies For Pimples

Apart from medicines and various creams for pimples there are many simple home remedies for pimples. These home remedies are cheap but very effective.

Water: this is the cheapest home remedy not only for pimples but many other general health problems. Make you habitual to drink water more and more, at least eight glass of water a day is required to remove toxin. Drinking water is not only helps in removing your pimples but also other basis physical problem.

ICE: another simple and cheap home remedy for pimples is rubbing ice on your pimples. Use it daily and you will find your pimples are disappearing.

Healthy food: eat healthy food and avoid junk food and dairy products. Use green vegetables in your diet.

Fresh Fruits & Juice: take fresh fruits and juice daily. These help in eliminating your body toxins and thus help to clear your skin. The most benefited fruits are pear, pine, apple, orange, strawberry, guava etc.

Washing your face: washing your face is very important so don’t forget to wash your face daily with mild soap to get rid of bacteria and dirt. It will help you to remove your pimples.

Use lemon juice on your pimples. It will help to reduce it.

Neem Tablets: these neem tablets are very effective in purifying your blood. you can use neem tablets which is a affordable and cheap home remedy for pimples.

Take cucumber and grate it. Use this grated cucumber on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. you will gradually get rid of pimples.

Don’t tough your skin frequently as it attract dust from your fingers. This results in increase in pimple problem.

The last tip is to do exercises daily in the morning that also cures your pimples problem indirectly.

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