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Tips For Good Health - General Health Problem


• If you have the minor rashes on your body than put few leaves of basil in your bathing water and take bath with this water. It will remove the rashes from the skin and body.

• If you are suffering from toothache than basil leaves can be helpful for you. Take basil, little quantity of salt and grain of pepper powder and press this mixture on the effective part of tooth.
Any other tips can be applied that take grain of salt and mix mustard oil in it and apply if on the whole teeth. It will make you relief from pain and make your teeth strong and weight as well.

• If your “blade press” always be low than drink water as much as you can in a day and take coffee chocolate in place of tea. Add salt in your daily food. They all things help you to be normal.

• Five basils every day keep diseases like hepatitis and Typhoid away.
• An apple in a day keeps doctor away.
• Clove helps you to be relief from the toothache. Apply it of the effective part.

• If you are suffering from cough than dried ginger powder with sugar will defiantly helps you to come out the problem. And owing little bit ginger with salt when you goes to bad but remember don’t eat of drink anything after having it. Use of paste mustard and honey also beneficial in cough.

• Have the mixture of basil juice, honey and ajwain (equal quantity) in a empty stomach make you relief from cough.

• To be keep in throat infection and cough, you must have basil water everyday .
• Use of gooseberry daily makes you relief from menstrual pain.
• Have a grin of cardamom powder with one glass of water make you relief from the diseases from urinary infection.

• To be relieved from stomach pain chew sugar and aromatic seeds.
• If you are suffering from cold than have one glass juice of lemon and mix honey in it . its very effective.

For children

• To have the problem of cough and fever with child is a normal thing. Give them honey with one glass water while they are suffering from all these problems is will give them relief.
• Give your children carrot and tomato juice and put honey in it. It’s very good for children.
• During pregnancy, give them a saffron added to milk for having a fair child.

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