Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Home Made Skin Care Tips For Beautiful Skin

Homemade Tips for Beautiful Skin

There are some nice tips for those who want to be look beautiful ever by using home made skin care products. Why homemade skin care products are trusted more as compare to artificial creams, medicines etc. The reason is very simple “Natural”. People always scared by using skin care products available in the market. But its not true in all cases, always use quality products, take advise from your family doctor or skin care specialist. But if you still don’t want to use these products, you are welcome here to use these homemade skin care products.

In case of market available skin care products you are not aware of the ingredients used but in case of home made skin care products you are very well aware of the ingredients that you are using for you face. Moreover you can easily avail these ingredients at very cheap rates. It saves your lost of money and save your skin as well from being affected with chemical ingredients. If you are using chemicals skin care products daily, it can have negative effects on your skin in the long run but not in all cases. in case of homemade skin care products you are very well aware of the ingredients. Mostly home made skin care recipe use honey, eggs, apples, yogurts, papaya, strawberries, cucumber etc.

To make your skin smooth softy you can use honey and yogurt. Both works as a great face cleanser. Take yogurt and mix it with honey in a bowl. Mix it properly and apply this mixture on your face. Remain it on your face for 10 minutes after that with warm water wash your face. you would found your face smooth , soft and silky again.

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