Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reason for Black Lips Treatment Remedies

Remedy for black lips – Black Lips Treatment

Lips are very important part of our beauty and add extra beauty to face. Soft, smooth, rosy lips can catch the eyes of anyone. Generally we don’t give much importance to our lips, but in reality we should never neglect the importance of our lips ‘coz its one of the most important parts of our beauty. No one can expect beautiful face without having of beautiful lips; one can’t expect admiration from others if he/she is not beautiful. So we need to give so much attention and protect our lips not only in weather but also in winter so that we could keep our lips as beautiful as they are actually.

One thing that we always should keep in our mind is that, avoids all those habits and thinks which harm our lips and make them dirty and blackish.
Too much exposure of our lips in the sun more than limit or too frequently then our lips can be dark. Don’t make use of cheap lipstick, too much smoking or too much intake of coffee or tea, use of caffeine etc are also responsible for black lips.

Remedy for black lips – Black Lips Treatment - How to make lips beautiful

Few tips are given below which can help you to get rid this problem of dark or black lips.

There are numbers of lip stick brand available in the market; you must be extra careful while choosing a branded and herbal lip stick for your lips. Some of the cheap branded lip sticks have harmful chemicals which make your lips bad and sometimes make them dark and blackish. So avoid using of these cheap lip stick brands.

While going out side or in the sun light don’t forget to use a lip balm that has strength of at least 15 SPF. It keeps you away from the harmful effects of sun light. You can also apply a nice lip balm every night before going to bed.

Always drink a plenty of water. It’s useful for health, face skin, lips as well.

Do exercise every day. People think that exercise good only for health but its not so. It’s also important to keep a good face along with beautiful lips. Include green vegetables, fruits, fiber, protein, omega 3 and less fat in your diet for good health, shiny hairs, attractive face and smooth lips.

Most important thing is to keep your lips away from use of caffeine, don’t drink so much coffee or tea.

If you want to light pink lips naturally then apply beetroot juice before going to bed.

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