Sunday, May 24, 2009

How To Make Lips Reddish Pink Red Naturally

How to make Lips Reddish - How to make Lips Pink

This questions and term is mostly searched by the girls on the net how to make your lips red, how to make lips reddish and pink as our lips plans an important role in our beauty and thus a main part of our personality. So now we can say it’s not only important for girls but also for boys and we all need to care about it. But is it really possible to make our lips reddish or pink?

Your lips color depends on your skin and face color, if you have a fair skin then your lips would be fair and reddish, but if you have black color your lips color would also match with your skin color.

Actually there is not any way to make your lips color permanently red, pink or reddish but we can take of it and can avoid the things which makes them black and bad.

If you are under bad health or ill for a long time, it has been noticed many times that you lips will get dark.

Try to stay healthy always, eat healthy and do regular exercises. If you are healthy, your lips would also be healthy.

In winters you can use Vaseline which helps to make your lips shiny and soft.

When you go outside, use protective sunscreen applied to your lips. Girls can use lipstick with sunscreen; in case your lips are dry then you can use few drops of glycerin on your lips.
Cucumber also helps to make your lips in case of dark lips or rup cucumber slices on your lips both works good.

What should you avoid?

Smoking: Smoking makes your lips dark so avoid smoking to not let it becoming darker.

Tea & coffee: Also try to avoid too much of coffee and tea.

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