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Women Hair Loss Herbal Treatment Home Remedies Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem and it can happen with both men and women. There are many reasons for hair loss. We all need to take an extra care of it to make them healthy strong and beautiful. If this is the initially state you noticed your hair falling, give attention and take proper treatment for it. In the market there are many treatments available, but most of the treatments are too costly and there is no guarantee as well whether you would be cure. Some times people hesitate in using these treatments.

There are many reasons for hair fall like.
Long Stomach problem
Age factors
Hormonal Imbalance
Mental and Physical Stress

and there are many more reasons for hair fall. Here are some best home made hair loss remedies for you.

Men/Women hair loss treatment & Home remedies in case of Dandruff

If the reason for your hair loss is dandruff then you can try this home remedy for hair loss and this one of the best home remedies for hair loss.

Take mustard oil in a pot and mix a fresh lime in it. Mix it properly and apply the mixture in roots of the hair. The best time of using this mixture is in the night. Use it properly on entire effected area; you can use more oil on most effected part. In the morning wash it with a good dandruff care shampoo. Use this for three 2-3 times in a week you will find immediate relief from the very first day and in 2 weeks you will find your hair dandruff free. When your hair become dandruff free then there will be no hair fall any more.

Women Hair Loss Herbal Treatment - Home Remedies for hair loss

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