Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Natural facial cleansers for skin

Market is full of facial cosmetic product and face cleansers. You can buy these facial cleansers easily. Do you know you can also make healthy solution at your home? Yes there are many tips to make natural skin care cleansers. This is natural and can be easily prepared with cheap and easily available ingredients. So learn how to make natural skin care cleansers quickly.

Facial cleansers from lemon juice: lemon juice is very effective and works good as a skin cleansers. Put out some lemon juice and with the help of cotton, rub it on your face softly. it will remove your dust and oil. For fresh and coolness mint drops can be added. It will clean your face skin deeply.

Look at the second solution which is very cheap and easy to prepare as above. This time you require some curd and milk. Take curd massage on your face to get oil free skin with soft hands. Now let’s make it more effective, but for that you need some strawberries. Add both curd and strawberries and make paste. Use it on your entire face skin. Now give it 10 minutes and after that you can wash your face with cold water.

Milk and lemon: take fresh milk add some lemon juice and mix both. Use it on your face at night. So these are few easily and cheap homemade face cleanser tips. There are no side effects of using these natural facial products. Hope you like these tips. Give your reviews and comments how you benefited with these easy to prepare tips.

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