Friday, May 15, 2009

Home Made Beauty Tips For Face Oily Skin Fair Skin

who don’t want to get healthy and beautiful skin without spending much money over facial and beauty products. Yes we can preserve our skin, face and body and make it beautiful, keep it healthy with home made tips. These home made beauty tips are very simple to and also you will find ease in preparing the same. Lets have a loon few home made beauty tips for face and oily skin.

Plenty of water: Yes friend you would have probably hear about it, water is one of the most important factor to keep us healthy and beautiful. Drinking plenty of water, I would say at least 10 glasses a day fight with oily skin problems. Oily skin causes pimples and acne problem and you search for medical store to get rid of it. Just make you habitual to drink 10 glasses of water every day, it will not only prevent your pimples by fighting with oily skin but also keep your overall body internal structure well. You need not to spend even a penny for that. Drink water and get beautiful face.

Next you need to take care about your food and meal. Don’t eat oily, spicy and junk food.
Due to oily face your face becomes dark and more dark and avoiding oily food, junk and spicy food would help you to make your skin beautiful.

Another very simple home made tips for you to get rid of oily skin problem to make your face clean and faire. Keep a bowl of water in your fridge. Wash your face with cold water three to four times a day. Hot water opens the pores and cold water keep your face pores tight which helps in oily skin problem.

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