Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Protect Lips in winter - LipCcare Tips in Winter

How to protect lips in winter- Lip care tips in Winter

As we all know that the lip cracks become so painful and dark when vata dosha increases. For normalizing that increase vada we can use warm ghee on the lips.

Few other tips are given below which will help you to keep your lips smooth and soften in winter.
• Applying a good lip balm is very useful in winter, it keep lips smooth and soften.

• At night give a good massage of ghee or clarified butter to your lips and leave it for whole night. This massage gives your lips a natural protection.

• You should not forget to apply a lip balm of good quality before applying lipstick. It keeps your lips soft.

• Keep one thing in mind forever that licking lips repeatedly is very harmful for the lip skin. So don’t do that.

• To keep your lips health and smooth with softness you can also place a piece of small cotton dipped in warm ghee or clarified butter on lips for at list 20 minutes.

• Never go to bed with lipstick on lips, firstly remove it with a herbal cleanser after that apply a thin layer of ghee on lips then go to bed to sleep.

• Put a drop of honey on a soft tooth brush and then exfoliate your lips at least once in a week.

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