Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tips for Glowing Skin - Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

Tips for glowing skin - Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

If you are very much skin conscious, then you should give an extra care and should also need to use only herbal and quality products for facial beauty. As we take care of our health, we should give proper care to our face. Here are some tips for your skin to keep it glowing always.

Water: water is natural and keeps your entire body system clean and healthy. It is free natural home treatment for everyone without any negative effect. It is recommended that one need to take 8 to 10 glass of water every day for healthy body.

Healthy Diet: To keep your skin glowing you also need to pay attention for your diet plan. Diet plan should be healthy. You need to keep your diet full of nutrition as it is very important and plays a vital role for healthy skin. A well nutrition diet contains fruits, vegetables, fruit juice and fibers.

Avoid too much of exposure to the sun: Too much of exposure in the sun may negatively affect your skin. Use a round shape hat while going outside. It prevents your skin from harmful sun rays.

Exercises and Massage: Yes as our body needs yoga, exercises, asana and pranayam, our face also need the same. Your daily exercise not only keeps your body fit and healthy but also your face but apart from it there are special facial exercise and message too which we should apply on face to keep it glowing.

Rest: yes taking rest is also very important for glowing skin. You should not feel tiredness and stressed. It has been noticed many times that when you feel stress your face become dull and natural glow on your face get disappear. Daily rest of at least 6 to 8 hours is necessary for healthy skin.
Gym and exercises: you also need to go for gym and do exercises for sweat and it cleans your skin and dust. It is not only good for skin but also for your entire body.
Cucumber Juice: Yes cucumber juice is very good for glowing and smooth skin. It tight your skin pores and protects it from dust and pollution. After 15 minutes, you should wash it off.

Milk and Banana: Mash milk and banana both properly and apply the same on your face and after twenty minutes, wash it off with cold water. It provide natural glow on your skin.

Curd with Multani: Take some multani mitti and soak it in the water for some time and then mix curd in it. Now apply it on your face and after wash your skin with water. It also provide natural glow on your facial skin.

Honey: You can apply honey on your face and after 20 minute wash it. You will find your skin glowing, smooth and soft.

Turmeric power and cream: Mix both the ingredients properly and massage it on your face with soft hands. It is very good for dry skin and you will also get a glowing, clear skin.

Soak multani mitti in fresh milk and apply it on your face. It provides natural glow on your face.

These are some handy and best natural tips for glowing skin. You will find natural glow naturally.

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